Government of Pakistan plans state funeral for German nun who ended leprosy in the country

A German nun, Ruth Pfau, who helped Pakistan eradicate leprosy and who died on Thursday aged 87 in the southern city of Karachi, is to receive a rare state funeral.

Pfau breathed her last at a hospital affiliated with her Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, said Salwa Zainab, a spokeswoman for the charity.

Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi announced his government would give Pfau a state funeral to honour her for “selfless and unmatched” services to Pakistan.

State funerals are usually only given to soldiers who are killed in war and heads of state or government.

The funeral was scheduled for Aug. 19 in Karachi, said Shariq Zaman, a spokesman for Pfau’s charity.

The spokesman said Pfau moved to Pakistan in 1960 and devoted her life to treating leprosy patients across the country

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